Overseas Pre-Wedding Singapore, New Zealand & Australia


Singapore – Sydney – Melbourne
Photo Tou

Let’s take a trip to the wonderful and beautiful sights in the world. I am no longer going to travel and perform a series of photo tours in some countries.

let the outside world is experiencing a beauty, enjoy the charming architectural share intimacy in a different atmosphere immortalize the beauty of our album.

We offer a promotional package for couples who want to pre-wedding and we are very open to creative ideas of our clients. We also can be very flexible in the style of fashion and make-up is desired.

I really liked working with each client to customize my own wedding photo shoot before they were scheduled so as to make any pre-wedding photography trips abroad truly unique and memorable experience for everyone.

Let’s join our special package photo single journey / multi destination

Multi destination

Singapore – Sydney – Melbourne

USD $ 2,500
per couple

2 day coverage
1 day of outdoor bridal photography
1 day of casual outdoor photography
Selection of 150 photos for retouching
All unselected photos returned
1 coffee table book (20×30 cm | 60 pages)

Travel of photographer included
Accommodation of photographer not included
Travel & accommodation of couple not included
Makeup artist & gown not included